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You want to be more open, more honest, more real. Everyone does. But it’s scary, and sometimes you just need to know that there are people out there like you, asking the same questions, dealing with the same issues, and trying to make an awesome life. That’s where we come in. We’re the Honest Liars.


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We’ve got interviews with atheists, discussions on sex, rants on relativism, and much more. We talk about the important stuff, directly and bluntly. Can you handle the truth?


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Read our articles on honesty, love, relationships, current events, psychology, philosophy, books, movies, and true stories we’ve heard from people just like you.


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Still not convinced? Here’s 9 ways being more honest is going to improve your life.

No More Guessing

You won’t have to wonder if the people in your life really like you for you, or for some fake version of you. They’ll know who you are, and you’ll know who they are.

Attract More Quality People

The more genuine you are, the more genuine people you will attract into your life. You’ll attract people like double Ds in a string bikini.

You'll Have Fewer Regrets

Your openness will scare away the people who want to see you fail, and less shitty things will happen as a result. Also because you’ll know yourself more,  you’ll know what’s right for you.

Life Will Be More Relaxing

You won’t feel like you have to juggle different people’s expectations. You’ll just be yourself, and you’ll be confident that you know what being yourself really means.

Cut Through The Bullshit

You won’t waste any more time on go-nowhere dates and do-nothing friendships. You’ll be driven and direct like you’ve never been before.

You'll Like Yourself More

The more you act like you, the better you’ll feel about yourself at the end of the day. You’ll treat people better and you’ll treat yourself better.

Filter Out The Assholes

The more honest you are, the less liars will want to hang around with. You’ll repel liars like a skunk, but by smelling great.

You'll Be More Successful

Successful people strike the balance between having zero-tolerance for bullshit and being an empathetic human being. When you’re honest, you will too.

You'll Be Healthier

Lying, pretending, and bullshitting means your life is shitty, which = stress, which = heart attack. It’s simple math!

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